Economist, Strategic Management Consultant,
Book Foundation Founder and Honorary President of the Foundation for Ethical Values

After graduating from Darüşşafaka High School, he was admitted to the Higher School of Robert College, Department of Business Administration. The name of the school was changed to Boğaziçi University and then graduated from the same school’s Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Department of Accounting and Finance. A doyen banker, Bülent Şenver is the Chairman of the Turkish American Businessmen Association (TABA-AmCham), Member of the Executive Board of the American Chambers of Commerce, Member of the Executive Committee and the Head of the ECACC Treasury. He founded Turkey Center for Ethics and Society Foundation. Şenver is the founder president of Türklider Center and gives lectures on “Electronic Banking”, “Active / Passive Management in Banks”, “Investment Banking”, “Commercial Banking” and “Business Ethics” at Boğaziçi and Bilgi universities. Bülent Şenver also provide consultancy services as a strategic management consultant to various banks, financial institutions and companies.


Clinical Psychologist / Psychotherapist

Ersin Bayramkaya graduated from Mersin University, Department of Psychology in 2005. He completed his master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Hacettepe University in 2009. Since January 2016, she has been providing consultancy and psychotherapy services to adults through NEW PSYCHOLOGY. She is also a part time instructor at Istanbul Kültür University Department of Psychology, where she teaches psychotherapy. Mr. Bayramkaya is a volunteer in the Psychological Emergency Response Team at the Turkish Psychological Association Trauma Unit. He is also a member of the Turkish Psychological Association and the EMDR Association.


Immediate Past International President

Balraj Arunasalam, DTM, of Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka, is chairman/managing director of Gemtrans Engineering Company, a maker of industrial belts. Active in his community, he serves as President of the Iyyappan Temple management board, as Vice President of the Aarunadu Velalar Society of Sri Lanka, and is a member of both the local Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club. A dedicated Toastmaster for 28 years, Arunasalam is a member of two clubs, including his home club Colombo Toastmasters. A distinguished leader, Arunasalam has held numerous offices from club through international level: He served as International Director 2011 to 2013 and Second Vice President 2014-2015 and First Vice-President 2015-2016, Toastmasters International. He holds the Distinguished Toastmaster designation—the highest level of educational achievement in Toastmasters International. As Immediate Past President, Arunasalam is a “working ambassador” for the organization. He works with the Board to develop and support the policies and procedures that guide Toastmasters International in fulfilling its mission.


State and Protocol Presenter

TRT alumni Ayşe Egesoy is the host and producer for over 35 years in television broadcasting. Ms. Egesoy, who has been rising rapidly in her profession with her command of Turkish, has worked as a lecturer on diction, phonetics, sound and breathing movements in various universities and language schools for 15 years and she has worked as a columnist in various magazines and newspapers. Ayşe EGESOY has 3 poetry albums plus 1 anthology, as well as 42 press awards.


Fazıl ORAL  

After graduating from the Turkish Military Academy, he worked as an officer in the Turkish Land Forces Command and continued his professional career at McDonalds, Xerox, Thomson Reuters. Management Center in Turkey in 1998-2013 years (MCT), Eastern Europe, Middle East, Turkic Republics and Turkey, the companies strategy, leadership, management skills, provide counseling services in conflict management. Two years who coaching senior managers in Italy Oral senior executive level in Turkey gives the coaching and mentoring services. In numerous training programs, the instructor took part in many conferences as a speaker. He has a Master’s degree in coaching, leadership and counseling at Middlesex University, Harvard University, where she studied Strategic Decision Making and Conflict Management. It serves. He has received training on positive psychology and TA on some of the world’s top psychologists.


Economist / Trainer

Peyman Yüksel graduated from Hacettepe University Department of Business Administration and Anadolu University Department of Tourism and Hotel Management. She also has a Master’s Degree from Middle East Technical University. She worked as a manager at Koç Holding and AXA for long years. She completed Project Management, Leadership and Teamwork, Crisis Management, Speed Reading certificate programs in Leadership School. She was a Training and Editorial Coordinator in CGS Center and conducted trainings for managers. She published Eye on Turkey newsletters, and conducted a study on Modern Human Resources. In EkoAvrasya, she organized Progressive Leadership, Effective Management, Leadership Shield trainings. In TurkishWin (Turkish Women’s International Network), she organized trainings on public speaking. She is one of the former Presidents of Ankara Toastmasters, and she had the third place in the Toastmasters Turkey National Contest in 2017. During her Toastmasters journey, she has achieved Advanced Communicator Bronze and Advance Leadership Bronze Certificates.


Professional Coach and Mentor
Psychology Masters Student

Earned his major as an Aerospace Engineer at Istanbul Technical University and worked in various airline companies. Due to his devotion to philosophy, psychology and self improvement he decided that 8 years in the aviation industry was enough and decided to be a coach for the rest of his life. Took his coaching training from a joint company of Tony Robbins and renowned family therapist Cloe Madanes. Accomplished NLP trainings in California from renowned Robert Dilts, he is now in his fifth year of coaching individual clients, training company personnel. Is a Psychology masters student at Gelişim University. Is a mentor consultant and mentor at ITU Alumni Association for ITU students and ITU graduates. He is a project manager for 20 university students related Optimum Balance Model foundation Youth Project. Believes improvement and growth is a natural impulse only when the thought of survival is taken care of. Devoted to assist and empower individuals to have a successful and fulfilled life.




In 2015, Mr. Ülgen, who was awarded the Uğur Mumcu Art Award by the Contemporary Journalists Association as the ‘’Orchestra Conductor of the Year’’, with a wide range of eclectic endeavors he continues his activities in many different fields. He founded I.B.M. Symphony Orchestra and I.B.M. Opera House, of which he worked as General Music Director and Permanent Conductor. Mr. Ülgen worked as orchestra conductor for Moscow State Conservatory Symphony Orchestra, Moscow Youth Orchestra, Ippolitov-Ivanov Symphony Orchestra, Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory Opera Studio, as well as special societies such as Liverpool Docks Opera and Meistersingers Chamber Opera&Consort Ensemble. Following his studies on Cinema and Television in Istanbul Bilgi University, and Musicology in Hacettepe University State Conservatory and Medical Deontology in the same university, he studied harmony and counterpoint with Composer Sami Hatipoglu, orchestra conducting with Burak Tuzun and studied piano with pianist Mehmet Okonşar.



Sevim ARAT
Improvisation Theater Instructor / Player and Music Teacher

She graduated from İTÜ Turkish Music State Conservatory. She did her masters in the same school. SHe began his theater career in 2004 by joining “Yersiz Oyuncular”. In 2005, she took part in the founding of YOTA (Yersiz Oyuncular Tiyatro Atölyesi) and in the same year, he started improvisation theater performances. In 2006, she performed as an actress in the improvisational comedy program DEPO which was broadcasted on the screens of Kanaltürk in 2009. She played in various television series. She has completed acting and art education under the supervision of Stüdyo Oyuncuları / Şahika Tekand. Betül Alganatay and Nazlı Benan Özkaya with “Eric Morris Technique”, Ege Maltepe “Spolin Improvisation” worked. She continues her improvisation theater performances with Yota Improvisation and continues to improvisation theater workshops with many bands in Yota Comedy Stage. In 2016, she founded the Improvisation Academy and prepares training programs with new approaches to improvisation theater education. She also works with the Improvisation Tournament, Comedy Festival, Varyete Show, etc.



Career Consultant & Entrepreneur

Gizem Şahan was born in 1982 in Izmir. After graduating from ITU Management Engineering Department, she has worked for 10 years at Quality, Business Excellence and Innovation departments of Turkey’s leading corporate companies (Alarko Holding Inc, EnerjiSA). In 2014, she resigned in order to realize her dreams, helping people to find their favorite job, to think creatively, to create a happier and healthier future and to realize their potential. At the same time as social entrepreneur, trainer and speaker, she tries to inspire people by sharing their knowledge and experiences. In order to contribute to the future of the world and to look hopeful for the future, she is dedicated to developing and sharing every day.