Verda Özge AVŞAR
Ankara Türkçe Toastmasters

She has been a member of Ankara Turkish Toastmasters Club for 1 year. She graduated from the Department of Industrial Engineering at Atılım University in 2010 and has been working at the Turkish Aerospace Space Industry for about 8 years.

Batuhan KÜRKÇÜ
Ankara Türkçe Toastmasters

Batuhan Kürkçü is the Vice President of Education in Ankara Turkish Toastmasters Club for the period 2018-2019 and is the trainer, coach and pilot consultant as a Creative Drama Instructor / Leader, he organizes play workshops for children and adults in schools, universities and institutions, and on-demand drama workshops.

Muzaffer Özgü BULUT
Ankara Kolejliler Toastmasters

He is a faculty member in Ondokuz Mayis University. He is also a founding member of the Ankara Colleges Toastmasters Club.

Anadolu Toastmasters

She is married and has two children. She received a one-year theater education in MSM and a life coach training from Adler Learning Center. National rhetoric competition is 1st in 2017 and 2nd in 2018. Her greatest passion in life is to talk, talk and share.

Anadolu Toastmasters

He is the Founder and the General Manager of Turkish Air Force, Yako Mice & Fitnesstanbull Tourism and Organization Company. He is a 6 universities graduate and enthusiastic about exploring and exploring his passion for reading combined with travel.

İstanbul Türkçe Toastmasters

Sevcan has Business Administration degree from Bosphorus University. She is Indirect Channel Manager for Europe & Africa region in an International Energy Company. She is Public Relations VP of Istanbul Turkish Toastmasters. She defines herself as passionate, curious, energetic and social magnet and loves to write about the new fine dining restaurants she explores. Theatre is indispensable for her in her life, she loves to watch and also play improvisional theatre...

Doğukan DOĞRU
İstanbul Türkçe Toastmasters

In addition to being a founding member of Istanbul Turkish Toastmasters club, he was the vice president responsible for 2014-15 term training, 2015-16 chairman and 2016-17 club mentor. He gave public speaking and debate sessions across the country. He works as a Science Teacher in one of the leading companies of the sector. His greatest passion is to raise children to touch the future and to travel around the world.